What Does It Mean to be a Staffer at Camp?
As the trainer for camp staffers, I recently asked the upcoming staffers to share what they think it means to be a staffer. The responses they posted in their training included memories as well as reflective thoughts about the responsibility they have and how God guides them. I have compiled several of their comments for this newsletter page.

A staffer needs to be fun and outgoing and not shy or easily embarrassed because being crazy and fun is what the campers love. A staffer has to be serious and know when to calm down and focus on Bible study or worship. As a staffer you are a role model and the campers will always be looking at what you are doing and following your lead. To be a staffer you have to be devoted to teaching girls about God. When it is time to pray you can’t hide in a corner. You must be willing to stand up and pray. It is good to get to know the girls, interact with them and allow them to get to know you, so they will be comfortable sharing and being around you.

Sharing the Word of God to campers will allow them to share the Word to others they know. From previous years of being a staffer I have realized how important it is to be fully dedicated and also ready to answer any questions the campers have about their faith.
Last year during our prayer time one camper came and asked if we could talk. She had some BIG requests she wanted me to pray about with her. We talked and we prayed. I was so happy that I was able to help her, but really the Holy Spirit was with me the whole time speaking to me about what I should say. I love having these times because I get a chance to minister to campers with the Holy Spirit guiding me. How AWESOME is that!!!! Being a staffer is a great time to share the love of Christ.

I remember last year, during the 55th year anniversary of GA camp, the staffers worked hard to put together a fun and positive skit for the campers about the 55th year anniversary. The staffers got all dressed up as women of the sixties, and had to borrow my bobby pins! Their skit was so fun. This just goes to show how much extra work the staffers do to make sure the campers have a great time at camp.

I was also told the staffers prayed for the campers, taking all the prayer requests and praying for every single one of them. And even though staffers don’t get much sleep, as a camper I could never tell, because they were always energetic and positive. What being a staffer means to me is to be one of God’s disciples, to go and tell the campers how much God loves us and cares about us all.