The theme of a recent episode of NCIS was how traditions influence our past as well as our future. That got me to thinking about some of our camp traditions. I have been attending the Amarillo girls’ mission camp for over 20 years, but I also was a camper at GA camp (in the Lubbock area) when I was young. 

One of my memories as a camper is an older camper putting my hair into a ponytail while our whole group was meeting in the central space of the cabin. Did your church or cabin group have meetings or group time during camp? Last summer, I went into one cabin after the evening activity and observed the sponsors and campers visiting and interacting as a group.

As an adult at the Amarillo area camp, I have enjoyed participating in traditions of our local camp. Staffer leadership is a unique tradition of our Amarillo area mission camp. Segue singing (those fun songs) is an active and motivating way to transition to the different activities of the camp schedule. I appreciate the traditions of morning devotions, campfire,  clown team skits, and mission education rotations.

Which traditions are special to you? Ask your sponsor, an ex-camper, or another adult if they remember a camp tradition. Camp Directors welcome your input. Email or message camp directors which traditions you like.