M-JAM day event for girls K-3rd grade

Missions-Jamboree (a.k.a. “noisy rejoicing”)

CAMP resident event for girls 3rd-6th grade

C is for Camptivities
A is for Action
M is for Missions
P is for Prayer

CAMPTIVITIES are break-out choices, ranging from sewing or singing to sports or ASL signing. Girls choose their own camptivity for each day as part of registration. This time allows girls to build new skills as well as develop new friendships with others.

ACTION is a key factor during any camp or M-JAM activity. Girls actively learn about God’s Word during Bible study and worship. Staffers lead and engage girls during segue activities with lots of action-based singing! (YouTube of songs)

MISSIONS is what sets GirlsCampTexas apart from a traditional summer camp. Missionaries share their stories of growth and ministry and triumphs with the girls. They share cultural differences and similarities as well as the various ways they share Jesus on the mission field. Girls also learn how to be on-mission in their own neighborhoods from missions-education sessions.

PRAYER is how Jesus teaches us to communicate with Him. At both M-JAM and resident camp, girls participate in prayer throughout the day. Prayer is important to a girl’s quiet time, cabin group time, and Bible study time too.

Check out the
CAMPTIVITIES and come be
ACTIVE while enjoying
MISSIONARY stories and
PRAYERFUL partnerships!

GirlsCampTexas is ready to accept your group or individual registration!