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FAQ: 60 Years of Camp!2020-05-24T22:08:16-05:00

Click on one of the questions below to see the answer. Let us know if you have a question that is not on this FAQ and we will get back to you with an answer.

COVID-19 considerations for 20202020-05-24T22:33:55-05:00

COVID-19 update

(May 24, 2020)

HPRC and camp leaders will monitor heightened hygiene protocol and sanitizing guidelines published by CDC, American Camp Association, and local health providers. Area camps and managers will update these throughout the summer if necessary.

To limit interactions at the retreat center, Day Campers are welcomed to join overnight campers on July 6 at 3:00pm. The decision whether the day camper stays until 8:30pm Monday or 3:00pm Thursday should be made by parents and sponsors. Day Campers who stay through Monday evening do not need overnight gear. The fee for Day Campers leaving Monday evening remains $35. Although parents are asked to stay outside or in their car, day campers will be picked up outside the conference center between 8:15 and 8:30pm.

All camp guests need a face covering (mask or bandanna). For campers staying through Thursday, July 9, 3:00pm, camp fees are $150. Campers should also refer to the resident camp supply list.

Do not allow campers to attend Girls Camp if the camper exhibits signs of illness during the week prior to camp.

Is the Retreat Center equipped for weather-related emergencies?2018-01-14T11:19:28-06:00

Yes, the Retreat Center has a state approved weather-related emergency plan to protect all campers during local weather situations. The facility is designed to safely accommodate guests during local weather threats. Retreat Center and camp directors work closely with local meteorologists to monitor any threatening weather in real time communication.

What is Day Camp?2020-05-24T22:14:19-05:00

Day Camp, July 6th, is designed for the younger camper to enjoy missions education and fun. K-3rd grade campers might not be ready for an overnight, residential camp experience. Day camp fees are $35; camp t-shirt and all activities are included in camp fees. Campers attending day camp experience age-appropriate Missions-focused and summer camp activities including swimming, worship, and Bible study. (Sponsors and parents whether younger campers attend day or resident camp). Come join the fun!!!

May 24, 2020 update: Day Campers’ hours have changed; if parent and sponsors agree, all campers may stay register for resident camp.

What is the history of Girls (G. A.) Camp?2019-02-11T10:39:00-06:00

Many women may remember attending G.A. Camp when they were younger. In 1960, Amarillo Area Baptist Women organized the first G. A. camp. It has been a vital summer activity ever since! Girls Camp is the same, evangelical and missions-education camp as G.A. Camp. Girls Camp and is open to all girls desiring to experience a Christian, children’s camp and to grow in their relationship with friends and Jesus! Campers do not have to belong to a Baptist church to attend camp.

How do I donate camp scholarship funding?2020-01-07T15:27:53-06:00

To make a donation to Girls Camp, please send a check to:
Girls Camp 2019
2123 S. Van Buren
Amarillo, TX 79109
Thank you for considering a contribution!

We welcome in-kind donations or volunteer leadership too!!! Please email [email protected] and let the camp directors know what you can supply! Thank you!

If I have questions not addressed in the FAQ, how can I contact the Girls Camp Director(s)?2018-12-09T16:43:14-06:00

If you have further questions or concerns about anything regarding Day Camp or Resident Camp, please contact the director(s) through [email protected]

Is the Retreat Center where camp is held equipped for guests in wheelchairs?2017-02-18T22:17:41-06:00

Yes, the Retreat Center has wheelchair access in the conference center, dining hall, and many of the lodges. Please document accessibility needs on the medical and registration forms.

What should campers or sponsors bring or pack?2020-05-24T22:18:20-05:00

May 24, 2020 update: This summer, all campers and sponsors should bring a face covering of their choosing (mask or bandanna). Overnight guests need an additional flat sheet or beach towel to use as a cot barrier.

The “what to bring” list is located on the registration form as well as on the camper and sponsor links at girlscamptexas.com   Each summer, Girls Camp sponsors a Mission Action Project which guests are encouraged to support. This is listed on the registration form also.

Day Campers will want to bring a swimsuit and towel along with her Bible and mission’s offering. Resident Campers bring their own bedrolls or sleeping bags for twin-size cots in the dorms. Otherwise, swimsuit (one-piece or modest tankini), supplies such as sunscreen and a hairbrush, clothing, and toiletries (including towels) and snacks that you would usually need for a week-long trip would be perfect, plus a Bible (let us know if you don’t have a Bible and we will supply you with one.) Most campers also bring a mission’s offering to support missionaries who serve in various locations around the world!

How much does it cost to attend Camp 2020?2020-05-24T22:19:25-05:00

Since its inception in 1960, Girls Camp has made it a priority to provide quality camp experiences for all in attendance. Our goal is to offer a local summer camp that meets spiritual, physical, geographical and financial needs of area elementary aged children and their families.

2020 Day camp is $35; 2020 Overnight camp is $150. Both registration fees include meals, lodging, and camp t-shirt. A few of the special activity elements require an additional fee charged by the High Plains Retreat Center. Online Registrations are due by June 14. After June 14, an additional $10 fee is applied to camp registrations.

Please let the camp director know if you need a partial camp scholarship. We have some supporters who offer partial scholarship funding. Please email [email protected] for a partial scholarship application form.

Celebrating 60 years of Girls Camp!

What happens if any of my forms are left incomplete?2017-01-22T10:42:55-06:00

If any of your forms are sent in with incomplete fields or without appropriate signatures, we will send your forms back to you for you to complete. Camptivity choices are first come, first served; so it would be important to complete the registration forms accurately.

When are the camp dates?2020-05-24T22:21:54-05:00

Day Camp 2020 is July 6th. Overnight Camp 2020 is held July 6th – 9th.

All Campers arrive Monday for check in/drop off from 2:30-3:00pm. Parents are asked to stay outside during check-in/drop off procedures for 2020 camp.

Please make arrangements for campers to remain at camp through all activities!

What kind of medical care is available?2020-05-24T22:23:26-05:00

Parents and sponsors must monitor campers for signs of illness the week prior to camp 2020. Do not allow campers exhibiting illness to attend camp.

Please complete the medical form as part of the registration process. At the camp itself, a camp nurse or first aid person is in residence to see to campers’ minor first aid needs. Any medications sent to camp must be in the original containers and will be given to the camp medical personnel for appropriate (and safe) dispensing. Emergency situations are handled through the HPRC director and local emergency response personnel.

Who directs these events?2018-12-09T16:51:07-06:00

Mission Camp directors, the advisory committee of sponsors, and volunteers facilitate Girls Camp. Between Day Camp for the younger campers and Resident Camp for the older elementary-age girls, over 200 people assist, attend, or support Girls Camp each summer.

Since camp inception in 1960, area directors and leadership aim to keep costs low while providing a fun, inspiring atmosphere in which guests learn about claiming and sharing the Gospel of Christ.

What’s the deadline to return forms?2020-01-07T15:30:43-06:00

On-time registration is June 14, 2020, to be eligible to fully participate in camp activities!

Late fees apply after the on-time registration date. Campers are welcome to submit late registrations; however, camp t-shirts might not be available for registrations received after June 14th, and all break-out camptivities will be assigned by camp directors.

What are the necessary forms I need to complete, and where can they be found?2020-01-07T15:31:22-06:00

You must complete these forms to attend: guest registration, medical form (for each guest and sponsor), and Challenge Element form (for each guest who chose a challenge element activity). In March 2020 forms can be downloaded at girlscamptexas.com/campers

In March, Online registration can be completed at girlscamptexas.com/campers/online-registration/

Are there any prerequisites to attending Girls Mission Camp?2018-12-09T16:54:27-06:00

Overall, Girls Camp is an evangelical camp open to all girls (K-6) from any faith or culture. Church sponsors are encouraged to provide leadership and join campers from their church in this time of refreshing, learning, and growing. Sponsors disciple campers as well as oversee the safety of the campers and monitor activity schedules. Independent campers are welcomed and will be assigned to a camp sponsor upon arrival.

What is the age group allowed to attend?2020-05-24T22:25:32-05:00

The age group of girls allowed to attend varies by day or resident camps. Younger campers are encouraged to attend Day Camp on Monday, July 6, 2020.

Girls completing grades 3rd-6th are invited to attend resident camp Monday-Thursday. Parents and sponsors can decide if their younger campers will attend resident camp or day camp. Most 2nd and 3rd graders are able to enjoy the overnight camp experience without much difficulty.

How do I get to Girls Mission Camp?2018-12-09T16:56:49-06:00

Many church groups bring vans while some parents bring their camper, independently. Please contact us if we can help you connect with a church van ride. ([email protected])

Directions to High Plains Retreat Center where camp is held can be found at hpretreatcenter.org

Are the locations fully equipped and comfortable for camp activities?2020-01-07T15:39:50-06:00

Yes; both day camp and resident camp events are housed in locations that are nicely air-conditioned. The High Plains Retreat Center facilities engage guests in safe, captivating experiences. Along with comfortable walking shoes, sun-screen and insect repellent are recommended supplies for guests to bring with them.

Where is Mission Camp held?2020-01-07T15:32:54-06:00

GirlsCampTexas Camps are held at the High Plains Retreat Center, located southwest of Amarillo in the panhandle of Texas.

Send mail to (for camper delivery, please mail prior to the end of June):

Girls Camp
2123 S. Van Buren
Amarillo, TX 79109

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