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Staffers are Christian role-models. Due to increasing costs, the Girls Camp Advisory Council asks that the number of staffers be limited. A staffer fee is applied as well. Council leadership desires to build a small, quality team of staffers who want to share their Christianity with camp guests.

Staffers must be willing to commit to ALL trainings and events. Please check your calendar prior to submitting your application.

Consideration for invited staffers:

Written recommendations by camp or church leadership and parent/guardian
Previous, positive experience as a Girls Camp staffer or Girls Camp camper
Application and trainings completed on-time (Application due by MARCH 9)
Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest posts as observed throughout the year(s)…is yours an obvious testimony that consistently honors God?

Staffer Trainings

Most of the staffer trainings will be held online; however, there will also be mandatory in-person training on June 9th.

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