Before you bring your guests, please be sure they all:

  1. Have the balance of their fees,
  2. Are physically well and do not have lice,
  3. Have their medical forms with them if they were not mailed already (medications must be in original containers).

IMPORTANT REQUIREMENT FOR all Resident Camp Sponsors:

All sponsors (18 or older) must have a current background check through the TX Dept of Corrections or similar database on file at the campground.

There are a couple of ways we can get this done:

  1. ask your church if they have the ability to run those on you and if they will make you a copy
  1. go to the Texas Dept of Criminal Justice site online and register for your own background check; run it, print it, and bring it to camp

Both Day and Resident Camp Sponsors must complete the Child Protection Training. (see side bar link)

IF you have already been to a church campground in Texas this summer, you can bring your certificate confirming that you have completed the child protection training with you. We prefer your certification to not be older than one year.