Have you ever spent time looking for something that was really in “plain sight?” It can be so frustrating, yet you are truly relieved to find it.

Are you conspicuous, or do you blend into the “scenery” of people around you? Do you think people look for conspicuous Christians?

Another term I want to place before you is “ambitiously appropriate.” Jesus ate with, visited with, and enjoyed time with people. Sometimes those people were not His followers; sometimes those people even wanted to get rid of Him. However, Jesus always took the opportunity to be ambitiously appropriate and share His love in His words, His actions, and His stories. He told everyone about the Kingdom of God! He was ambitiously appropriate in His desires and attempts to point people to Heaven.

In John 15, Jesus ambitiously tells Christians to “keep the Father’s commands and remain in His Love.” In Luke 13, we read one of many examples of when Jesus ambitiously healed someone. He challenges Christians to ambitiously display faith in the Kingdom of God.

Try not to hide or blend into the seat at church; Make this Easter season a reason to be ambitious and conspicuous!