Girls Mission Camp, held in the panhandle area of West Texas, has many activities campers can do while learning about missions and participating in Bible studies. Campers can choose various camptivities (break-out sessions) on their registration form. These are just a few of the options:

Riflery or Archery

In these camptivities, campers are taught to safely load and shoot at specific targets. The camptivity is supervised by a trained and certified employee from the Retreat Center.

Clowns Under Construction

Campers who choose any of the clown or balloon camptivities will creative and identify ways to use face-painting or ballooning as a witness tool! Many campers enjoy getting their own face painted as well!

Two Man Swing or Rappelling

Campers who choose the 2-person swing will be harnessed to a bar and then dropped from a steep distance. This allows the people on this challenge element to swing through the air for several minutes until momentum slows them. Squeals are often heard from young and old alike!

Hair Care

A professional hair-dresser will teach campers to create fancy designs with their hair. Campers choosing this camptivity should bring her own brush or comb.


Campers in the FlowerPower camptivity will arrange ribbons and flowers into a unique design.