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What a wonderful time we had at camp 2018 God is truly AMAZING!!! We had terrific leadership and great campers for both day camp and resident camp! We pray for each camper who made a decision to be a Christian, to be used by God, or to become a missionary. Campers asked for prayer for events happening in their lives while others wanted to learn more about a Christian lifestyle. Campers connected with friends as well as with Jesus! We look forward to seeing a great group celebrate with us this summer at Camp 2019 too!

We welcome church groups, “grandma/aunt” groups, or independent campers. (Background checks are completed on all adult leaders).

How is Girls Mission Camp different from other children’s camp?

Girls Mission Camp (GirlsCamp) IS the traditional G. A. Camp many adults attended as girls. Your own mother or grandmother may have been a camper at G. A. Camp in their youth! Through Bible-based activities and fellowship, campers are provided foundational knowledge of Christian principles as well as practical ways to share their faith and testimony. Many camps fill the camper’s day with fun activities that encourage physical and mental development. At Christian camps (especially, missions-oriented camps), campers are not only involved in exciting, fun activities and camaraderie; they are also involved in activities that provide practical as well as challenging Christian development and educational missions.

God calls us to fellowship with others, share the Good News of God’s Grace, and grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. (Matthew 28: 19-20) At Girls Camp, campers learn how God invites us to reach out to the world by being Christ’s presence to others everyday! Join your friends (old and new) for “Unfinished” Camp 2019!

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Amanda Gay
Amanda GayCo-Leader: Adult Volunteers
Terri Powell
Terri PowellCo-Leader: Marketing
Cheryl Landon
Cheryl LandonCo-Leader: Staffer Training